There have been many instances where couples seem to have forgotten about their wedding stationery details. If you want to avoid this from happening, there is a thing that we like to propose in all cases – it is creating a simple checklist that will help you stick to everything that needs to be done.

Now, this is especially important when it comes to planning the perfect destination wedding. It is always a smart move to start working on a stationery checklist and get the most out of it. After all, you will need to know about all the details you need to complete for your wedding. Whether we are talking about the RSVPs, the timeline of invitations, or anything else connected to your special day, what you need is some assistance on the subject.

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But worry not, we are here to assist you! Figuring out which ones are the essentials and managing to get them in time is crucial. How to stay on budget, and which pieces are the most practical – these are just a portion of the questions you will be faced with when organizing your dream event. So keep on reading to be informed, ready on time, and pull off everything flawlessly!

Destination wedding stationery timeline

Before anything, you need to know when to have everything prepared and ready. This is where the right timeline will aid you. In essence, when it comes to your destination wedding invitations, you need to send them at least 12 weeks in advance, which means they have to be printed and ready at least 13 weeks before the wedding day. This is because you want to inform your loved ones in a timely manner, allow them to decide, and send you the RSVP. In addition, you should expect your destination wedding RSVPs 4-6 weeks before your wedding and lock down your final guest list.

When do you need to send out the save the dates?

Once you decide to focus on your wedding stationery and invitation suite, an important bit is the save-the-date cards. Now, there is a certain etiquette while doing this. Simply follow these two rules and you will get everything right:

The right timing is everything! When it comes to sending these cards, you need to do that right after you have chosen your wedding venue – about six to eight months before your big day.

What should you include?

Besides the date, you should also include the exact location of your wedding. This means that you should not only list the city, but also the venue. In this way, your guests will have more precise info, allowing them to clear their schedules and plan their travel arrangements. It poses as a courtesy that you are thinking about your guests too after all. This would mean a lot for them because they can also find a place where they could spend a few nights while your wedding celebration is in full swing. Furthermore, this allows cushion time to look for some alternatives on how to get to the destination that you have chosen.

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The day of printing – what is included?

The printing day can be a stressful time for all couples that are in the middle of organizing a wedding, especially if you aren’t sure whether you have included everything. There are no strict rules here, as the destination wedding stationery requirements include deciding on what you feel represents you the most as a couple.

Design-wise, before going to print, you always have the liberty of going out and browsing the internet for inspirations connected to your wedding stationery. Naturally, after an extensive period of browsing, you should be able to narrow down your choices and make your final pick. After that, the only thing that remains is the printing process.

Depending on your preferences, you can include as many or as few stationery items as you want. They can also serve as part of your decor, complementing your overall theme. From the menu to the table numbers and seating plan, below we have included all the essentials that you can choose and print:

–          The wedding ceremony program – it includes all the necessary information for the ceremony and how will it unfold. It is a wonderful piece that can also serve as a keepsake for your guests.

–          Table numbers – depending on your preferences, you can also print the table numbers. This can save you and your guests a lot of time during the seating. They will easily find their place when they know which table number they have to follow.

–          Name cards – Another important element of your wedding stationery are the name cards. Having a name card for each of your wedding guests will allow them to easily find their seats, along with the table numbers.

–          Seating plan – once again, this all boils down to the preferences of the couple. Having a seating plan handy is always a good option. Your loved ones will be able to see where they will be seated upon entry and not wander around.

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–      Menu – anyone would appreciate having a course list available to them, plus, this will be a wonderful addition to tie the whole wedding stationery theme.

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–          Thank you notes – even after your destination wedding, you would want to thank your guests for taking the time to be a part of it. The thank you notes are an excellent way to achieve that in a polite and simple way. They are the final thing to be included on your printing day.

Hope this wedding stationery guide has provided you with all the information you need to organize your destination celebration. Feel free to include everything that feels right for your story and vision!

Finally, if you feel like you are dealing with this alone, and you need some outside help, note that you can contact us at any time! Send us an email and get yourself professional help when it comes to planning your destination wedding.

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