There is a certain magic when going through the winding roads of Europe. Exploring the beauty of the historic cities, reveling in the allure of the old world. Breathtaking nature meets your gaze and romance unfolds as you and your partner wander among the cobbled streets. Europe is a stunning destination for celebrating your love, so if you are planning to tie the knot there, then take a look at all the things you should consider during your wedding planning.

image by Thomas Postigo

What kind of ceremony can you have for your European wedding?

Religious – Most European countries allow this. Having a European wedding needs precise organization, but the good news is that it is not an impossible task! You would need to apply beforehand for the religious ceremony to get paperwork approval.

Civil – For this kind of ceremony you would need to get married in the town hall. Naturally, the papers from the civil ceremony can be translated into any language you need. Also, you need to book a translator for the vow exchange and bring two witnesses. Have in mind that every country has its own rules and the legal requirements vary. For example, during your wedding planning, you will discover that Spain requires at least one of the newlyweds to have been a resident for two years, while Greece, Portugal, and Italy don’t require to be residents of the country.

Symbolic Ceremonials and Blessings – If you don’t wish to go through all of the trouble of sorting out challenging legalities, you can also choose to first get married at home, and then have a symbolic ceremony in Europe. This will allow you to have freedom regarding where and when you can host your special day. Simply pick your dream venue, gather your loved ones and vow your eternal love to one another!

As you can notice, ceremonies are different in the US and Europe, so having an expert by your side to guide you through the whole process will prove to be highly beneficial. With us, destination wedding planning is always just a click away, so feel free to get in touch! Book a call and we will talk about your vision.